Have you checked your brakes lately?

Have you checked your brakes lately?   I know you expect them to stop your car or truck when you step on that brake pedal, but when they don't work as expected it's too late and then you have an accident with damage to your vehicle but more importantly to the people inside your car and those on the road who may be in your path. 

Let's avoid that issue!  Test your brakes by lightly tapping them in different situations when the roads are both wet and dry.   If your vehicle is pulling to one side, your brake pedal pulses up and down or the steering wheel shakes when the brakes are applied, you are very much overdue for a brake check.  Getting in early will save you money as it is always easier to fix a problem before it becomes a huge issue and your brakes are gone requiring new brakes, pads, rotars, and drums. 

When in doubt stop by our shop and have one of our professional automotive repair technicians take a look.    Don't wait until it's too late to solve these problems and let us help you stay safe on the road!  After all, that is the reason we raise these garage doors every day and open these tool boxes.  We love what we do and want to ensure our drivers can stay on the roads longer with their vehicles safer and more cost efficiently.

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We love our customers!

We Truly Care  The right care extends the lobby and your comfort when you enter our facility.  Every bit of your time with us should be pleasant and bring you peace of mind knowing that our team is working to take care of your vehicle with advanced techniques and cutting-edge diagnostics no matter what the issue.

Our Promise to You  We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty.  Drop by and see us today!

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Ready to serve you

We are committed to auto repair and to serving you with quality and value.  We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. We also offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your car healthy. From head gasket to tailpipe, we've got you covered. We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority

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New JASPER Engines & Transmissions Sign is UP

We are proud to offer our customers ONLY the BEST and JASPER Engines & Transmissions is just that with a warranty that is exceptional.  Their sign went up on our building and it is a beauty.  Talk to us today about a new engine or transmission from the best company in the business or visit our JASPER information section to find out more.  They provide engine, transmissions, and differential products for classics, diesels, foreign and domestic cars and trucks with a 3 year | 100,000 mile nationwide transferable warranty! 

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Scheer Automotive, Committed to Quality

Bring your car in today for an inspection, and see what our commitment to quality is all about!

We Love to Work on Cars.  Our mechanics come to work smiling and are happy to turn a wrench. They have a passion for auto repair and are fully qualified to work on yours.

Leave it to Us.  Doing it yourself doesn't always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your car or truck is in the best of hands.

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